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Weekly Updates 034 & 035

And again I failed to write a weekly update. Therefore there are again two updates, weekly update number 034 & 035.

Last week and this one I learned how the Internet, IPv4, IPv6, TCP, UDP and converting IP addresses into binary form work in my training. That was a very demanding chapter, so there was no weekly update on Sunday on the blog.

But also in practice – on my own server – a lot has happened in the past few weeks. So far I have run Nextcloud via an NGINX proxy, which forwarded the requests to Apache. Nextcloud now runs exclusively via NGINX and I have changed Nextcloud to the PHP 7.3 version due to many error messages caused by PHP 7.4.

Because I also wanted to have a cache in Nextcloud, I installed Redis on the server and integrated it into my Nextcloud installation. The performance has improved noticeably.

I’m currently also considering whether to offer data protection-oriented cloud storage through my media agency. If you would like to get into the Nextcloud topic, feel free to write to me.

Of course I have also filled the last few weeks with music production again, my first single this year: VANAY – Dont Go will be available on January 29th via my label Advamera Records in all download shops and on the well-known streaming services. What is special about this single is that it is my first single with vocals.

The weekly updates are short at the moment, I know, but I spend a lot of time studying and tinkering with my server, so there isn’t much to talk about right now. What I can already say is that the website will be redesigned soon. The current format wastes too much space. From April it will be different again. I promise 🙂

All that remains for me to say is: stay healthy and damn it stay the f!ck at home!

Picture © Daniel Wenzlik

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