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Weekly Updates 032 & 033

This week there are again two weekly updates. Update #032 is overdue, update #033 comes right on time for this week.

Last week I started training to become a certified Linux administrator. That’s why I fully forgot the weekly update for the past week.

I also set up Nextcloud Talk on my Nextcloud installation so that I can call my mother over Christmas. Because of that, I was able to take some of the grief off my relatives because no one could come.

This week I had my server moved from Helsinki to Nuremberg, because the latencys to Finland from my location (near Nuremberg) are a little longer. Now I have the same hardware from Helsinki in Nuremberg and the latency is noticeably shorter.

In addition to the obligatory Christmas tree decorations and Christmas celebrations, there was not much going on this week. I have sent my assignments to my teachers for grading and am now waiting for the result. Once that is there, the second part can begin.

That should have been it again for these weekly updates. I wish you a happy new year and we’ll read us again for the next weekly update on January 2nd, 2021.

Picture © Daniel Wenzlik

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