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Weekly Update #031

In this weekly update #031 on the third Advent I’ll tell you, like every Sunday, what was going on for me this week.

This week was a bit stressful because I had to organize and do a psychological aptitude test for the employment office for the training that I will start next week.

For the ladies and gentlemen from the employment office, it was not enough that I already have 5 years of professional experience in the field of my training. I have already written a post about this.

Suddenly it was said that I had a learning disability and first had to have my suitability for a training determined. If I didn’t do that, the training would be off the table and I should look at a training as a graphic designer. A job in which there are currently hardly any jobs wanted.

So on Wednesday I did a two-part test, a theoretical test and a practical test. I passed both tests. Nevertheless, my training and my professional future were almost at stake. Because once again I will hardly have the luck that someone hires me based on my practical experience, as it was the case 5 years ago.

Then I made preparations for the coming weeks and months, such as importing my study plan into the Nextcloud calendar and equipping my reMarkable tablet with a new “notepad” for my training so that I can take notes.

This week I also sold my Apple Watch 4 because next year I want to swim twice a week in the local indoor pool. I have now bought the Garmin Swim 2, which was specially developed for use while swimming.

That’s it again for this week. I wish you all a nice Sunday evening and stay the f!ck at home.

Picture © Daniel Wenzlik

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