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Without a train station, without me.


Deutsche Bahn is considering closing the Velden & Rupprechtstegen stops during the electrification. Without a train station, without me!

It all started a few years ago when Deutsche Bahn wanted to build new bridges on the Neuhaus – Hersbruck section because the old steel bridges are getting on in years.

In response to this, a citizens’ initiative came into being that wanted to see the old railway bridges restored with great effort, because the railway bridges in the Pegnitz Valley ensure mass tourism like a Catholic church day. NOT.

Deutsche Bahn has now put a lot of money into the restoration of the railway bridges demanded by the citizens’ initiative and is now planning, because it would be cheaper, to dig a tunnel under Hartenstein. It would put all restored bridges out of operation and take the Velden and Rupprechtstegen stops off the network.

For my part, I never want to and will never live in a place where there is not even the minimum of public transport. You could say that such rationalization measures would have come sooner or later, but I’m not so sure about that.

I see it more as a “F*ck you” of the Deutsche Bahn, as a revenge for the citizens’ initiative. And as a part-time entrepreneur, I can understand that.

Without this ridiculous citizens’ initative, we would now have modern bridges and the railroad money in the pot for the maintenance and electrical expansion of the existing route.

In the event of new route planning, the citizens’ initiative can now look forward to the steel bridges rusting unused. I can only say: Well done.

For my part, I will only watch the step back into the 1800s from the outside, should Deutsche Bahn take it seriously, because I don’t want to live in a place without a train connection.

Picture: © Daniel Wenzlik

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