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Why you should have something to hide!


Facebook, Google, Amazon, Apple & Microsoft are the “Big 5”. At least when it comes to invading your privacy.

For months I have been preaching that data protection is important and that we must all be aware of it. I can now make this clear with two screenshots.

On September 26th, 2020 I downloaded Lockdown for iOS, a software firewall that prevents all tracking, not just the Big 5. I installed Lockdown on my iPhone and iPad Mini. The first screenshot shows my iPad Mini, on which I have installed YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Spotify and various social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Lockdown iPad

As you can see, I’ve been tracked over 48,000 times in a month. Only while I watched YouTube videos for a few hours a day and read posts on social networks.

The next screenshot is from my iPhone. I was a bit more radical there, I deleted all apps that I don’t need and only installed WhatsApp and Telegram as native apps. Instagram and Twitter run as progressive web apps (PWA). The advantage of PWAs is that they have no access to address books, photos, calendars, etc., as they are only bookmarks on the home screen.

Lockdown iPhone

And now I was tracked 43,000 times less within a month. Although I’ve used the iPhone more than the iPad Mini.

These 48,000 tracking attempts prevented by the Lockdown app are a good example of why each of us should have something to hide. Completely No matter what I would have done this month, bought on Amazon, searched the Internet, read in social networks, streamed on Adult portals, the Big 5 and everyone who uses their services as an advertiser would have become aware of it.

Uses the search engine instead of Google, use PWAs instead of apps from the Appstore, do not use the same e-mail for everything and avoid internet services that are “free”. You still pay with your surfing behavior and privacy. Don’t buy HomePods, Alexas, or Assistants, they’ll listen to you even while you have sex.

It is time to become aware of your data again. Sometimes the Big 5 know more about you than you do. And even if Google and Apple advertise “privacy”, they only protect your data and privacy as long as no authority claims it.

If you have any questions about how you can protect your data, write in the comments or write me an e-mail, Telegram would be even better. Nobody should be using email in 2020.

Picture(s) © Daniel Wenzlik
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