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Why I don’t drive a car (yet)


I am constantly asked by strangers and people around me why I have no car and no license. A short explanation.

And no, first and foremost, I am not concerned with the environment, as many assume. I am concerned with common sense, safety and the fact that a car is a single money-burning consumable.

Reason #1

There are people who think it is ok to drive in a 30 zone 80km/h, there are people who think it is ok to put their drunken ass behind the wheel after drinking too much alcohol and there are people who have problems adjusting to the flow of traffic.

All of these idiots, the main reasons why I don’t drive a car, all of these idiots can do a lifetime after getting the driving license, however short it will be for such idiots, what they want.

The problem: lack of security controls and security features.

Reason #2

Immediately after security comes the cost. I mean if you fill up your car with Gas, you burn original money. You fill up with a liquid that is burned in the car. There is no added value other than movement. In addition to the fuel, you also wear tons of parts that are priced disproportionately and have to be disposed of more or less with great effort.

Taxes, insurance, wear and tear, fuel are unnecessary expenses if you have a functioning public transport infrastructure.

Reason #3

Tax wastage through the car lobby can be seen perfectly in the current government. Scheuer is still there and makes nonsense, finely bought by the most German of all German lobbies: the car industry. I don’t want to actively support that. These wasted taxes would be better used in healthcare and especially in old age care because we all forget that at some point we will need someone to wipe our asses when we can no longer do it. We spend tons of money on cars but don’t think about paying our caregivers better.

Reason #4

Speaking of the healthcare system and old age care, cars make people lazy. You drive every meter by car instead of walking the 300 m into town. It takes longer. Would be healthier and would give you oxygen, but it takes 10 minutes longer.

I believe that we live in a society where we can walk for 10 minutes on Saturdays to buy our groceries in the city 300 meters away.

Instead, we drive 300 m for nothing and complain when the fuel becomes 2 cents more expensive, while you live more and more unhealthier and more comfortably.

That should have been my reasons why I will definitely not drive a car for the next few years. If I can think of any more, I will add a second part. Please stop asking me why I would like to live my life differently than most of the carnation Germany.

Picture: © Daniel Wenzlik

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