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Why I can hardly wait for drone deliveries


Within a year I had to call the post office for the fourth time today. Why is nobody doing their job anymore?

This week I am waiting for forms that I have to send back to the employment office immediately for my training, but the post office could be responsible for the fact that I cannot start my training until next year.

Today the doorbell rings at my front door in the late afternoon and the postman tells me that he accidentally dropped mail for me at my neighbors’ home. Not that it almost became a WEEKLY tradition in the last year. I also receive incorrectly delivered mail almost every week, which I am allowed to throw in my neighbors’ mailbox because a postman is not doing his job.

Already 3 complaints did not help and so I am now trying to change something in the situation for the fourth time. Unfortunately, the employment office took a lot of time with my further training and now everything has to go quickly again. The forms that are now in the neighbors’ mailbox, with whoever, should actually be returned to the employment office this week.

When did it actually become a trend everyone does his work half-heartedly or hardly at all? It’s delivering mail. Read the address, compare house numbers, put it in the mailbox. Sure, the post office would have to pay its deliverers a bit more, but in Germany nobody is forced with a gun on their chest to do exactly this one job.

I can hardly wait for delivery by drone, because the drone flies exactly where you tell it to. No thinking of your own, no human error. And if you can’t read addresses, something is definitely failing!

I have offered it many times and I will offer it again and again: Dear postmen and their superiors, if you feel unsure whether you are competent enough to read my address correctly, I am happy to offer training courses on how to read and how putting post correctly in the mailbox works.

Just write me an email to deliveryhelp (at) (no joke!). I will then charge you € 20.00 per hour for the training.

Content of the training:

  • correct reading of the recipient address
  • correct insertion of A4 envelopes
  • Notification of incorrect throw-ins via information card
  • 2 hours of practical training
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