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Stop going the (digitally) easy way!


Why the statement “I use Apple because everything works seamless so nicely” sucks and Android also has its flaws? Read here.

What nobody understands to this day who uses a smartphone or modern consumer electronics is that companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft and Co do not bring products without ulterior motives. Every time you think “Oh, how nice that at company XYZ only one account is enough to set up all devices immediately and easily”, someone sits somewhere who is happy about your data.

The same applies to services, streaming providers and websites that offer services “free of charge” or in exchange for the e-mail address. You are then pulled down to your underpants by trackers and you can now do cross-tracking with the e-mail, with which an overall picture of you can be created using many different services.

And if you say you have nothing to hide, you are welcome to send me your credit card details, PIN and expiration date as well as the credit limit of your credit card. You have nothing to hide you said. Every step that makes you think it’s that easy is a step in that direction.

Why does it kill people to just set up technical devices, e-mail domains, webspaces and the like for themselves. Since when have we stopped taking curtains in the bedroom and let the neighbors watch while we have sex? This is exactly what you do figuratively when you use free or “simple” services and devices.

You voluntarily set up a dedicated line to Google, Apple and / or Microsoft in the bedroom because you are too lazy in the morning to check the weather on your smartphone. Instead, ask Siri, Cortana, Google Assistant or Alexa. They didn’t even listen to what you were doing in bed last night. Well, they did. Trust me.

This laziness and ignorance is what enables companies like Apple, Amazon and Co to become so big and powerful. It is we who allow it because we use their services and devices and blindly trust that these companies will do nothing with our data.

We have had PCs for over 30 years now and very few still know how to use them properly. Even people who think they know what they’re doing. Everyone would just have to sit on their asses for 5 minutes and NOT go the easy way and set up an email domain, it doesn’t cost more than an iCloud subscription. A NAS at home is safer and cheaper than all cloud subscriptions and the data is safe in your own home, instead of company data centers that analyze every bit of the data.

However, setting up and installing them is too inconvenient for most of them. They would have the intelligence to do that. But they don’t want to. Because lazy.

As long as that is the case, the government can fine-tune surveillance laws, the companies know exactly when you have sex, have dinner or when you argue, they know what you like to eat, which porn you watch, which colors and manufacturers have your underpants and a lot more.

Think about it and if you have any questions about how to prevent such tracking attacks, write to me. A free VPN is not enough, because spoilers: They analyze your data traffic just like Google.

Picture © Daniel Wenzlik
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