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About pandemics, vacations & being alone


Why in my opinion, everyone don’t think after their morning toilet anymore and why many should sit in jail… Some will not like this post…

I am a person who doesn’t have a lot of patience but a lot of understanding. However, I have to say I have never had less respect for humanity in my life than I have this year.

It all started in March with 3 months of home office. We were told to stay home. This is more difficult for special groups of people such as “singles” and “retirees” than for people who have families and children. I belong to the first group, and I also have 2 people in the house who belong to the latter group.

But I am also a person who does not want to pin the death of family members on the collar for vacation, a Sunday excursion or the party on the weekend. So I stay at home as i told to. I just go shopping groceries.

And then there are idiots who have to go on vacation after 3 months of the worst: “home office”, drive around in the world history every weekend with children and more and go to demos to demonstrate against the virus that kills people. And as a single, after almost a year of personal isolation, the ceiling almost falls on your head.

I’ll tell you now what you idiot. I haven’t been on vacation since 2011, have looked after 2 retirees around the clock since 2012, went to work and on the weekend I worked part-time. And after 3 months of working from home, you pussy need a vacation or a weekend trip?

Do you think you’re smarter than trained virologists? Do you actually know how difficult it is to correctly assess a new virus? Your know-it-alls who studied at NOTHING don’t know a shit about what’s going on in research, your small minds don’t understand that at all. Neither do mine. Just let the people do their fucking work. And anyway, how irradiated do you have to be to believe all these conspiracy theories? Did the doctor ever let you fall after the birth?

Everything I’ve seen this year has been inconsiderate shit. If I had to make calls, anyone who is currently driving around the world more than necessary (i.e. SHOPPING, WORK and DOCTOR) and infect someone with Corona should be brought to court as a murderer or for assault. Everyone knows what Corona does to older people and people belonging to a risk group. For me that is deliberately ignored.

And all those who are really punished by such deeply stupid behavior are people who are old, belong to a risk group or, like me, have no one to share life with.

Finally, I have to say: Many thanks to the people in my neighborhood who have offered their help several times this year, especially to help my relatives.

Picture © Harut Movsisyan
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