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MacBook Pro with M1 – first impression


Last week on Tuesday I bought the MacBook Pro 2020 with Apple’s own M1 chip. Here I share my thoughts on the device.

I won’t go into the build quality in this article, because Apple’s laptops were and are simply stable and well built. In any case, this article is not a meaningful conclusion, but a first impression that I would like to make available to interested parties.

The design of the new 13″ MacBook Pro is definitely known because it is identical to that of the previous year’s model. Fortunately, I can therefore use the accessories that I had already purchased for my 2019 MacBook Pro. So I don’t have to buy a laptop bag, dongles or adapters.

As it is typical for Apple, connections are installed sparingly, so the MacBook Pro only has 2 Thunderbolt connections that support the USB 4 standard. The laptop is charged via a USB-C charging cable and power adapter supplied by Apple. If you have wired headphones, you can also use them with the MacBook Pro, as Apple continues to install a 3.5mm jack.

Bluetooth 5 and Category 6 Wifi are of course also built into the MacBook. The Wifi had some problems with my network, which I was only able to fix by setting the channel selection in my router from automatically to a fixed bandwidth.

My MacBook Pro with M1 chip is the smallest in the standard configuration, i.e. 8 GB RAM and 256 GB SSD. Compared to my Lenovo Legion laptop, which had 16 GB RAM and 2x 500 GB M.2 SSDs, I have deteriorated here. One thinks.


Even with half the memory, the MacBook runs like my gaming laptop. With the exception of a few programs, I already use universal apps that definitely use the speed of the M1 chip. For apps that have not yet been optimized for the ARM architecture, the loading time may take a little longer.

I was amazed at the battery life of the new MacBook, I received the MacBook on Tuesday last week and charged it to 100% that day. This was followed by 3 days completely in battery operation. Surfing the web, writing emails and now and then watching a YouTube video, all on battery power.

I’ve never heard of the fan since I’ve been using the MacBook and, unlike the Intel Macs, the new MacBooks with M1 chips are no longer toasters or hot plates for pizzas. Here, too, the housing was always at room temperature during my use.

So I’m confident that Apple will correct the price / performance ratio in the upcoming generations and I’ll be using my new MacBook Pro as my main laptop.

Article image © Daniel Wenzlik
Benchmark image © Geekbench
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