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Germany and the technology…


In the age of Corona, the cry for no contact is louder than ever. But once again, it is clear that technical ignorance is taking revenge.

When the first solutions were introduced two years ago, every rural store thought it had to ignore it.

Two years ago, Google Pay and Apple Pay were introduced in Germany by their respective providers. The first banks followed, mostly no money-making-focused branch banks.

In the countryside, however, there was a large opinion that this technique was not needed anyway. But it is and precisely these who are now crying out for hygiene. No other payment is more hygienic than mobile payment.

And what was mobile payment two years ago is now the obligation to pay. In the bakeries there are boxes, on it only non-technical whining, that no one needs the receipt obligation and so much garbage is incoming.

It is the bakers and shops themselves who could avoid the rubbish. Even before the receipt stake, there were cashiers offering digital receipts as an option. Customers were able to choose whether they wanted the receipt printed out or digitally sent to their mobile phone via QR code.

And again, I see the one decisive attitude that today, in the age of Corona, makes me have little pity for whining people, because I myself have seen how technological progress in the countryside has been deliberately ignored.

The petrol station only allows card payments (without mobile payment) from €10, because the payment offerors charge maximum fees from 50 years ago. You are not able to change. So you are, you are just too comfortable.

In the newly opened village shop you can still only pay in cash or EC, but not by credit card or mobile payment. Technically, this would be possible with newer cash registers, someone just would have to take care of it.

The baker and butcher still issues paper receipts and does not use cash registers to let the customer choose whether they want to receive the receipt in print or digitally.

All I see here is simply laziness and technical ignorance.

Picture: © Daniel Wenzlik

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