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Nextcloud is a popular alternative to Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive and iCloud. The reason for this is that you host Nextcloud on your own server and you can expand it with many useful functions. But not only that, with Nextcloud you can save some money if you know how.

Yesterday I installed Nextcloud on my V-Server. My V-Server costs just 10 € per month at Strato and with 6 V-CPU cores and 16 GB of RAM as well as 300 GB SSD contains enough resources to not only host my websites but also my Nextcloud.

After the Nextcloud installation I added a photo viewer, a video player and an audio player to Nextcloud. So I can view pictures and listen to videos and MP3s stored in the cloud. Then I asked myself why I still use Spotify and Netflix, Netflix has been on my cancel list for a long time because I currently only watch one series there (Berlin Station) when I can also build my own Spotify.

At this point I would like to briefly mention that this can never become a Spotify alternative, but at least my data belongs to me, which is not the case with streaming. That’s why I canceled my Netflix and Spotify subscription and now proceed as follows:

Spotify remains as a free account, so I always get the latest music releases in my playlist on Fridays. I listen to them and move songs that I like to a “Buy” playlist. I set myself a budget of around € 5.00 per month for buying music on iTunes. I then load the purchased MP3s into my Nextcloud, in which my player is also integrated.

With a view to videos, however, I would only use such a procedure if you are using the Plex software instead of Nextcloud and the server or NAS is right in your home. Otherwise over the internet will be a nightmare. I also use Amazon Prime anyway, in which Prime Video is integrated; Prime Video is currently more than enough for me as a streaming service.

There are also apps for smartphones and tablets, some of them are even open source, which support the playback of files in the Nextcloud. Like with Spotify, I always have my music with me on my smartphone. Even if I don’t have any cellular network.

Up until now I had paid more than € 50 for my own dedicated server, Spotify costs me € 10.00 and Netflix € 8.00. By switching to a V-Server for € 10.00 and canceling Spotify and Netflix, I now save at least € 54.00 and still have ad-free music enjoyment & on top I keep my favorite songs in case Spotify or other streaming services go bankrupt.

If you should consider Nextcloud, you have to note that the installation on a server is not that easy. You need patience and at least basic knowledge of web hosting and server administration.

I’m happy to answer any questions or help you with the installation in the comments or by email. Just write me a message 🙂

Picture © Daniel Wenzlik
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