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5 reasons I hate living in the countryside


In this post, I’ll go into the 5 reasons why I don’t like country life and why i would rather flee to the city.

Country life may be great for some, but for me it’s pure torture. Even if the town in which I live holds the title “town”, if we are honest, Velden is only a small community in Franconia.

Why I don’t want to live in the countryside, reason number 05:

No way to go out. Don’t get me wrong, we have restaurants, we have a bar several times a year, but that’s no comparison to a “city bar”. And as an almost 30-year-old, I won’t sit down at the restaurant at sunday morning and listen to the hackneyed peasant suffering. In times of Corona you already get depressed from sitting around at home – you don’t need to listen to the brainwashed “everyone is bad and I am poor” gossip after corona.

Why I don’t want to live in the countryside, reason number 04:

You need a car for almost everything. At least everyone expect it from you. Anyone who does not have a car in a small town is equated with a school dropout and the relatives almost force them to get their driver’s license and being a victim of consumption that burns money with gasoline. And why? Because all the others are too lazy to walk 5 meters and (of course) because you have to show the neighbors like in the 1950 years you can afford yourself the latest SUV from VW. Despite the emissions scandal.

Why I don’t want to live in the countryside, reason number 03:

No or bad infrastructure with little to no interest in changing anything. Since 2016 I have been paying in Nuremberg with my smartphone and a credit card stored there. If you try that in the countryside, you will immediately be relieved of a 10 € fee or your cash, because they are only prepared to accept the Girocard as a cashless payment method. Typically German. Why trying new things when you’ve been using the same proven, outdated and vulnerable system for 150 years. Hardly anything is done for the (unathletic) youth, in the countryside the focus is on the elderly – from hiking trails with an extra number of benches to sit down to a second football field, which has not been used that often, and which could have been used for other purposes.

Why I don’t want to live in the countryside, reason number 02:

Absolutely no, really ZERO anonymity. If you have an account with the “Sparkasse” and your grandmother calls the Sparkasse once and asks what your grandchildren has in the account, the clerk will tell you. It happened to me a few years ago and I immediately switched from Sparkasse to Postbank. Hard to imagine in the city, but common practice in the countryside i guess. The same applies, of course, to one-night stands, health conditions and police confrontations – just add whatever comes to your mind.

Why I don’t want to live in the countryside, reason number 01:

No quality friendships. In the countryside, the search for same minded people is so difficult and if you are looking for a woman it becomes even more difficult. The population density and its quality are much greater in the city, because the choice is simply greater, you have the advantage of anonymity and you definitely don’t have to worry about a one night stand being carried around the whole town.

I can’t wait to flee from this life that I don’t want to live and finally to build my own life in the city, because that’s where I belong. At 45, I don’t want to live in a small town with my wife and children, where nothing has changed since the early 1800s, because the train connection / trainstation is still at risk.

Picture © Daniel Wenzlik
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