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10 years LTE (4G)


LTE was introduced in Germany 10 years ago. The 4th generation cellular standard should change a lot.

After 10 years I dare a brief summary:

Network coverage:

Network coverage in the 3G network was very poor, especially in rural areas, due to the expensive frequency auctions and the lack of political expertise. Not even now, when the first 3G frequencies for the upcoming 5G are switched off, the network coverage was 100%.

With 4G and the upcoming 5G, politicians have again taken money out of the network providers’ pot, just for the fact that they can use frequencies. In other countries, frequencies are regulated but not auctioned. And in these countries, this is definitely reflected in the network coverage.

Political incompetence:

Ms. Merkel showed with her, I call it “Neuland-Gate”, in which age the government of our country was stuck in the past election periods. Namely clearly before the fall of the DDR.

No state-subsidized broadcast tower locations: … until 2019, no such option was even considered. No public education: … that’s exactly what people who burn 5G broadcast towers need because they blamed them for the corona virus.

For several decades, politics has shown how incompetent our country is from parties like the CDU, CSU, Greens, Left and FDP as well as the whole right wing, artificially stupid and in the years around the 2000s.

In my opinion, even with 5G, 100% network coverage will not be possible, because neither politicians show interest in it nor have the necessary competence and intelligence to do so in Berlin.

Picture: © Daniel Wenzlik

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