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The best tools for web designers & web admins


In this article I show you which tools I use to deal with everything related to web design, servers and (domain) hosting.

With you can check your mail server. shows which MX records the domain uses, whether and how an SPF record is set up, whether a DMARC record has been added to the domain and whether the DKIM entry is correct and available at all.

The easiest way is to send an empty email to ping (at) and wait for the automatic result response.


Seobility is a tool with which the website can be checked for current search engine optimization. The free test shows exactly where there is room for improvement and where the site is already very well positioned. Seobility also shows the loading time of the website and says whether the page takes too long or whether it loads fast enough.

As far as I know there is no limit to how often you can take the test, at least I use this tool far too often 😉


Especially if, like me, you use your own server with Plesk or another administration interface, you might be thinking about using your own name server instead of trusting others. Then you need a tool like

With this tool you can query the name servers of a domain worldwide and see at a glance who is still using old name servers in which country or whether everything has already been updated.


Avalex is actually a provider of a paid plug-in that, for example in WordPress, ensures that the data privacy pages of the website cover all services used. To do this, scans the website for cookies.

By scanning the website for cookies free of charge, you can easily find out which text modules you have to insert in data privacy generators so that all cookies, such as the ones from Google Analytics, Google Fonts or Matomo in the data privacy page are covered.


There are of course many other tools that can be used free of charge on the Internet, this is just a selection of the tools and websites that I use so that I can keep an overview of my websites, mail servers, name servers and Co.

If I have forgotten a tool or you know another provider of such tools, then write it to me in the comments 🙂

Picture: © Daniel Wenzlik