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5 signs of poor team leadership


There are competent team leaders and there are team leaders who come straight from hell. But how do you recognize such?

Sign # 1: unwillingness to accept suggestions

Do you know that, you have a suggestion for improvement and the team leader suddenly dismisses it as unrealistic? This is one of the first signs of poor team leadership.

Many team leaders see suggestions for change as an attack on their leadership, but suggestions come from employees who struggle with problems every day and accordingly have ideas for improving the situation.

Sign # 2: The Curse of Acknowledgment

Like every employee, the leader of a team wants approval from their superiors. However, some like to sell employee performance as their own.

Or even worse: Mistakes are passed directly upwards instead of actively working on a solution to the sources of the mistakes.

Sign # 3: I am the boss, you are nothing.

As soon as you get sentences from the team leader like “I’m the boss here and you do what I say!” you should take your legs in your hands and run as quickly as possible.

Because then the team leader only has their own interests in view and acts for their own advancement.

Sign # 4: Where’s everyone?

If a team leader is not suitable as such, the teams dissatisfaction skyrockets, productivity sinks to the bottom and sick days are falling like leaves in autumn in the office.

If you find such behavior in a department, you don’t have to look for the causes in the employees, but in their leadership.

Sign # 5: Department struggles for survival

If the leadership is not competent, sooner or later a department will fight for survival within the company. Now it is also about the jobs of the employees under the incompetent leadership.

The management has to be called in to find a solution to fix the dissatisfaction with the entire team. It is better to replace the position of a team leader than to e.g. fire almost more than half of the employees working in the team.

If nothing like this is done in a company, you should rather look for a new employer as an employee, because then the company does not need the competence and labor of the employees.

I had experienced all this myself in the last 10 years, so I write from experience. And I appeal to everyone who is in such a situation to stand up and fight for their job, together with their teammates. Because I have learned one thing in the past years: a team leader who works as described above only fights for himself.

Picture: © Rahul Singh