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The perfect backup strategy


As soon as you process data or create data, you have to think about how to secure it. There is a 3-2-1 strategy for this.

The 3-2-1 backup strategy is about having 3 backups in 2 different locations, on different solutions and one of them always out of the house.

In this post, I will tell you how I solved this for me.

Backup 1: WD My Passport Harddrive

I always have this backup with me in my laptop case as soon as I leave the house. This is how I go sure that I always have my data at hand, even without the Internet.

The WD My Passport hard drive is an encrypted hard drive with 1 TB. I back up my data to this hard drive once a month.

Backup 2: LaCie Porsche Design Harddrive

I back up my entire laptop and NAS to this 2 TB hard drive every week. This hard drive is also encrypted. The difference to the WD My Passport is that this hard drive always stays in the house.

„Backup“ 3: Google Drive (Google one)

Please remember: “The cloud is not a backup!” and I agree. I use Google Drive more as a work environment, i.e. as an additional sync and backup unit. However, I do not rely on using Google Drive exclusively as a backup. However, I also use Google Drive to ensure that my data is backed up once out of the house while i’m in the house (and the WD My Passport Harddrive).

How do you secure your data against loss? Ideas how to optimize the process? Leave a comment 🙂

Picture: © Daniel Wenzlik