I’m no longer a DJ!

From now on I stop djing and music production. It was not an easy decision but why I made the decision, I explain to you in this post…

I have been travelling regularly in the EU since 2008, always on weekends and lately it has become quieter around me as a DJ. You don’t get younger and in 2 years my 30th birthday is just around the corner.

For all my work, I have completely forgotten the last few years what it is like to have a weekend for yourself or your friends, that’s why i stop djing and music production by the end of the year. But before I disappear from the screen, there is a last release on my label “Mainfield Recordings”. This decision doesn not affect my labels, i still manage them and i still looking for new releases.

Thank you for all the good years, the fun at the Clubs and the possibility to travel a few countries in the EU.