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Links & Advertising

Links in posts:

In some of my posts I link products, educational offers, services or content that correspond to my opinion. Products and services are devices and services that I have bought or wich i recommend, regardless of sponsorship and opinions.

I only recommend products and services whose quality I am convinced of and which, ideally, I use myself. I strictly reject sponsorships and purchased posts so that this blog maintains its integrity and represents my unfiltered opinion.

If I have linked educational offers that I have completed or will complete, these have been or will be taken over 100% by the employment office.


I keep my blog largely ad-free. From time to time an advertisement consisting of an image (to prevent tracking) that is linked may appear in the left bar. This advertisement was then created by me and I do not receive anything in return.

Since such a blog not only requires administrative effort, rented hardware and time to write / research, but sometimes i also have to buy equipment for posts, I ask for a donation to my PayPal account.