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My equipment #001


In 2020 I made the switch from MacOS to Windows. What else I used this year, I’ll list you in this post.

01. Desktop-PC

Intel Nuc

This year is the first time I’ve used a desktop PC again. Because I like the MacMini approach, it became an Intel NUC. This has the following specifications:

  • Intel Core i7-10710U Processor with 6 Cores and 1,10 GHz Baseclock
  • 2x 8 GB Kingston HyperX RAM with 2666 MHz
  • 500 GB Samsung Evo 850 SSD Storage
  • Intel UHD Graphics & WIFI Cat. 6

Planned upgrades in the coming months: an eGPU and conversion of the SSD to a 1 TB M.2 SSD

02. Laptop

Firefox Download

Since I am planning to commute to work in Nuremberg or the surrounding area soon, I also have a laptop. This comes from Lenovo and is the Legion 5 model with the following specifications:

  • AMD Ryzen 5 4600H Processor with 6 Cores and up to 4GHz
  • 2x 8 GB RAM with 3200 MHz
  • 500 GB M.2 SSD Storage
  • GeForce GTX 1650 graphic card
  • 120Hz Display, Matt Glass

Planned upgrades in the coming months: Replacing the 500 GB M.2 SSD with a 1 TB M.2 SSD and installing a second 1 TB M.2 SSD.

03. Smartphone / Tablet


My smartphone is an Apple iPhone 11 Pro in gray with 64 GB. Apple still has the greatest update lifespan. My iPhone will receive updates for up to 5 years. I don’t currently use or own a tablet. An Apple iPad with LTE functionality is planned again.

04. Headphones

Sennheiser Kopfhörer

Sennheiser is the headphone brand for me, whether as a DJ or commuter on the train. For music production, DJing and listening to music at home, I have the wired Sennheiser HD-25 headphones.

When I’m on the go, I use the first generation of Sennheiser Momentum TrueWireless headphones.

05. Camera


For years my Nikon D3300 DSLR camera with a Nikon Nikkor 18-55 lens and some Neewer filters has accompanied me on photo tours.

When choosing my devices, especially this year and with a view to my professional situation, longevity, security, quality and with PCs / laptops the possibility of being able to change many components are important to me.

In addition to the devices themselves, I also have other add-ons, such as 1 TB WD My Passport hard drives, Porsche Design LaCie 2 TB hard drives and a Yamaha Audiogram3 sound card for music.

Picture(s) © Daniel Wenzlik
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