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ByeBye Ubuntu, Hello Debian.

Server Specs

I reinstalled my server tonight. Ubuntu was a good operating system to start with, now it’s the Debian OS’s turn.

There are also other reasons for switching to Debian. In December I will start my training as a certified Linux administrator, which will mainly be about hosting with Debian.

Since I like to prepare myself a little more broadly for such things, I practice the whole thing in a modified form with my own server. That’s what I have it for after all. At least I managed to secure and configure the server via SSH and Plesk well in a fast night and foggy action. Ubuntu and Debian are not very different (in terms of the handling of the console), I only had to take modified commands into account here.

In the upcoming training I will learn, among other things, how to set up a web server completely via the console, how to install PHP and MySQL and how to set up a mail server. So far, Plesk has done that for me, but I would like to completely save the costs for the Plesk software in the next 4 months, that’s how long my training takes.

I benefit from the training mainly in a full-time job because with this training I can work in practically any company with a Linux server, so I am no longer solely dependent on the media industry.

I will write more about this in the weekly update that I will post here on Sunday. Nothing changes for my customers, the server and the services installed on it were only unavailable for an hour last night.

And here’s a little fun fact – my server hardware:

  • AMD Ryzen 3600 Hexa-Core CPU
  • 64 GB DDR4 ECC RAM
  • 2x 512 GB NVME SSDs in Raid1
  • 1Gbit Connection
  • Server location: Helsinki (Finland)
Picture © Daniel Wenzlik
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