My new logo

My previous logo was a lettering from my first and last name in cursive, intended for use as a watermark on the photos I took:

Daniel Wenzlik Logo
Old logo

But since I am currently working as a freelance web designer and am planning further services under my name in the near future, I have decided to design a new logo. The result was 2 different variants that I will use for branding my services:

Neues Logo
Version 1 (Web)
Logo print
Version 2 (Print)

As an icon, e.g. the favicon in the browser, I had used a photo of myself, the new logo will also have its own design:


With the new logo, there is also a new font, from Google Fonts. I also used this font for the logo and it is called Questrial. I find the retro design of the font just appealing.

As always, all fonts used on the website are saved locally and no data is transferred to Google.

I hope you like the new design and i am looking forward to your comments on the new design. In the meantime I am creating my blog about the Venus flytrap and its multiplication. Have a nice sunny weekend and stay home.

Picture(s) © Daniel Wenzlik