If you use Android without Google Play Store & Google services, you need alternatives. Here I am listing the best apps from the F-Droid Store.


If you want to use Android without Google, there is no Google Chrome installed on the device. However, as with GrapheneOS, Vanadium, a safe, Chromium-based, alternative. If you don’t like the usability of Chromium, Vanadium and Co., you have the option to switch to Fennec. Fennec is the equivalent of Vanadium, but it is based on the latest Firefox version.

Fennec at F-Droid


Gmail is also not available on an Android smartphone without Google services. Personally, I no longer use an email client on my smartphone, mainly to save battery and slow down my life. For everyone who wants to use an email client, I recommend FairEmail. This app looks modern because it uses the material design and is at least as extensive as Gmail.

FairEmail at F-Droid


It took me some time to find a calendar that I liked visually and functionally. With Simple Calendar Pro I have now found an app. Cool with the app: You can change the appearance of the app icon. Simple Calendar Pro (by the way free, despite the addition of Pro) comes in a modern material design.

Simple Calendar Pro at F-Droid


As far as weather apps are concerned, in my opinion there is still some catching up to do in the open source area. So far, I haven’t found a weather app that I like 100%. That’s why I now use the Wetter app. This is relatively extensive and offers the data that I need. However, I noticed that all apps that use the Open Weather Maps API do not display thunderstorms. You also have to generate an API key for the Wetter app here.

Wetter at F-Droid


I manage my tasks with the Open Tasks app. The app looks modern because it uses the material design and is neat and extensive. The app also brings widgets with it and with Dav x5 it synchronizes my tasks from Nextcloud.

Open Tasks at F-Droid

Cloud & Notes

I summarize Cloud & Notes, because both apps, Nextcloud & Nextcloud Notes come from Nextcloud. Nextcloud is the open source alternative to Google Drive & can be used as a calendar- and contacts server, file storage, and more. I also use Nextcloud as a music streaming server and as a communication platform for the family. Cool: You can choose the server and provider yourself on this page or create a server yourself.

Nextcloud at F-Droid

Nextcloud Notes at F-Droid

Nextcloud Talk at F-Droid

Maps & Navigation

In this area too, i think there is a lack of beautiful and extensive apps, at least according to my search attempts. That’s why I chose the OrganicMaps app. The app isn’t the prettiest, but should be enough to get from A to B if the worst comes to the worst.

OrganicMaps at F-Droid

Adblocking & Firewall

Android without Google does not mean that you will no longer automatically be tracked and spied on. That is why a firewall and / or an ad blocker are required here. I use Blokada 5, because Blokada not only looks beautiful, it also shows me which apps call which domains and can thus specifically block advertising and trackers from my smartphone.

Blokada 5 at F-Droid

More apps

This is just the starter package that I found after installing GrapheneOS. I use other apps that I have linked on this page. I will add apps to this list when I use more apps. In addition to F-Droid, I also recommend the Aurora Store, because in this store you can download apps from the Play Store with an anonymous Gmail address. Here, however, you have to pay attention to which apps run with G-Services, these will not provide functions or cause problems on Android systems without Google Services.

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