About Me

Hello, my name is Daniel.

I have been in the media industry since 2008 and expand my knowledge on my own. I like to create websites, online shops and company identities with my part-time media agency Advamera.

In addition to creating Internet media, I have a great passion for music. I started as a DJ in 2008 and have been producing my own music since 2010. I’ve been running my own music labels since 2013, and I’m currently starting a new one: Advamera Records.

I am currently looking for a job in the areas of WordPress developer, web designer, media designer or web administrator.

With this blog I would like to express my opinion and provide an insight into my work, which I follow with passion and dedication. As usual, posts on my blog do not reflect the opinion of my employers, clients, projects or my media agency.

Currently, my focus in the blog is on data privacy and how you can protect yourself against excessive tracking on the Internet. I am proud that I don’t use tracking for my website or my media agency and that I want to have switched completely to open source and / or software from Germany by the end of the year.

Would you like to get to know me better or do you have any questions? Just write me a message using the addresses listed on my contact page or add me on Telegram.

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