About Me

I was born on 12 June 1991 in the Bavarian town of Pegnitz. I lived until I was 10 years old in the town of Velden, near Nuremberg. In August 2006 I left the secondary school in Roth with the successful graduation. Because I couldn’t find a training place after graduating from the School, I did 2 school years as a housekeeper and cook. In the summer of 2008 I found an apprenticeship as a chef, which I finished without a degree in 2011.

Already during my training as a chef I discovered my love for media and gained my first experiences as a DJ. In the years to come, DJing was my main source of income. In 2012 I founded my media agency and in the years to come i founded record companies and expanded my career as a european DJ and international known music producer.

In 2015 I found a job as a media designer in Nuremberg at a major German publishing house. After internal department changes and the change to a subsidiary company, I still work as an employed media designer in Nuremberg

In 2016, I started my blog “BITS & LIFE”, which I still manage on my own to this day alongside with my media agency and record labels.